Night Lenses (Orthokeratology) | Cheltenham

What are Night Lenses?

Night lenses correct your vision while you sleep

How do they work?

Theses ground-breaking/custom made lenses are placed on your eye just before going to sleep. Simply remove the lenses upon wakening and enjoy a world of clear, natural vision all day long without the need for glasses or contact lenses

Who are they suitable for?
  • Adults who are short –sighted
  • Children who are short sighted or becoming more short sighted
  • Myopia management
  • Reduces progression of short-sighted by up to 60%
  • Reduces risks of macular degeneration/Glaucoma/cataracts


  • Contact lenses wearers who suffer with dry eye
  • More convenient than glasses
  • Spectacle/Contact lens wearers who have active lifestyle
  •  Swimming
  • Sports such as rugby cricket, tennis etc
  • Alternative to Laser corrective surgery
Ortho-K Lenses are:
  • Safe and reversible unlike laser
  • Easy to care for – even for children!
  • Comfortable to wear
  • May slow the progression of myopia
What prescriptions are suitable?
  • Spherical spectacle prescription -0.75D to -6.00D
  • Astigmatism up to -2.00D
  • All of these treatment options are available through our Eyeplan membership scheme. This includes home delivery and discounted eyewear.

To discuss the Night Lenses and whether you may be suitable call us on  01242 233500 or email